Inspired by the eponymous flower, in “Anturio” we sought to create a collection as elegant, beautiful, and ethereal as its namesake. While our last collection, “Floralia,” developed as it was during a period of isolation, featured pieces ideal for lounging in style, “Anturio” was designed for events, connection and enjoying life. 

The collection features a combination of brand-new styles and signature pieces from “Floralia” that have been updated and perfected for a post-pandemic world. We added floral prints in soft watercolors, adding an air of ethereal romance to the garments. The cuts are flowy, comfortable, and unrestrictive so that the wearer can finally feel free: Free to move, free to connect, free to live her life. 

For the campaign, we wanted a setting that showcased the natural beauty that inspires us, while keeping us rooted in our native El Salvador. We chose Suchitoto a magical Colonial lakeside town, who’s name fittingly means “Land of Birds and Flowers” in Nahuatl.

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